ImageSleuth revision history

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V1.3.0 (June 2024 - Current version)

  • New: Colour erase and replace tool for selectively removing or replacing colours in an image.
  • New: RGB colour filter tool.
  • New: Images may now be saved to a file or copied to the clipboard in all views. Either by means of a toolbar button or right-click menu.
  • Change: Removed duplicate tranformations from the retroReveal tool.
  • Bug fix: Images containing an 8-bit indexed palette are now processed correctly.

V1.2.0 (Apr 2023)

  • New: A progress bar along with a cancel button is displayed while images are being processed.
  • New: User configurable maximum allowable image size.
  • New: Option to automatically scale images down that would otherwise exceed the maximum specified image size.
  • New: Brightness and contrast settings no longer persist when images are changed, but instead, now revert to the normal setting as new images are displayed.
  • New: A "Hold" control to optionally keep the brightness and contrast settings when images are changed.

V1.1.0 (Mar 2023)

  • New: Brightness and contrast adjustments for the image view.
  • New: Drag-and-drop support to accept image files dropped onto the main window.

V1.0.0 (Feb 2023)

  • Initial version.