ImageSleuth - Images, hidden inside images, revealed

An enhanced free retroReveal replacement

Current Version V1.3.0 - released June 2024

For the list of changes, please refer to the Revision history

For some years, the retroReveal website hosted by the University of Utah facilitated "the collaborative discovery of hidden content in documents, manuscripts, music, and artefacts".

By separating an image into its component colour channels various transformations could be applied to retroactively reveal hidden elements that would otherwise be barely visible to the naked eye.

retroReveal was popular with researchers in several fields, particularly philatelists who found it especially helpful when trying to isolate postmarks and stamp cancellations.

Unfortunately, retro Reveal went offline in May 2022 and seems unlikely to return.

ImageSleuth is a free, fully functional replacement for retroReveal. It not ony provides the same forensic-style image processing based on the algorithms listed on the archived retroReveal Glossary page but also includes several enhancements and refinements.

ImageSleuth is cross-platform; it may be downloaded for Windows, Mac or Linux. Once installed, it does not require an internet connection to function. Nor is it necessary to rely on the continued availability of a third-party website.