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Please make sure to choose the version of AlbumEasy that is compatible with your operating system.

windows logoWindows (7 and newer) AlbumEasySetupV4.5.0.exe (20 MB)
Mac logoMac (OS 10.15 and newer) AlbumEasySetupV4.5.0.pkg (41 MB)
Linux logoLinux (64 bit) AlbumEasySetupV4.5.0_64bit.tgz (36 MB)

The latest example files are included as part of the AlbumEasy install.
In addition, a fresh copy of the examples may be downloaded here. These are identical to the files that are included with the install.

Example files logoAlbumEasy Examples (5 MB)
The examples included with V4.4.0 are the same as those included with V4.5.0, so these are still the latest examples.

AlbumEasy is Open Source software. Source code is available here.

Subversion logoSource Code Browse or download the AlbumEasy source code


Downloads to accompany the video tutorials that can be found towards the bottom of the documentation page.

Adding images to album pages
Using fonts with AlbumEasy

The Mac release of AlbumEasy has only been made possible thanks to the generosity of the folks at MacStadium who have kindly provided a free virtual Mac to aid in its development.