The Stamp Web

The Stamp Web

This is a website about stamp collecting also known as philately. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, philately is generally understood to include the study as well as the collecting of stamps.

Irrespective of what one calls it, the hobby is about more than just collecting postage stamps. Some collectors collect fiscal or revenue stamps, whereas others may have a preference for cinderellas (stamp-like labels not issued for postage or revenue purposes by a governmental agency).

First Day Covers are another popular collecting area, these are envelopes bearing stamps cancelled on the date that the stamps were first issued.
For some collectors postmarks and cancellations may be the primary focus; the stamp itself being of secondary interest.
These are but just a few examples of this fascinating hobby, the field is wide open, collecting interests are as varied as the collectors who engage in it. There are no fixed rules, it is up to each and every collector to decide what and how they want to collect.

This hobby of stamp collecting is in reach of everyone. The excited schoolboy or girl examining a newly received glassine packet filled with colourful stamps from exotic-sounding places, to Presidents and even Kings. All have succumbed to the allure of these little pieces of coloured paper. Some are attracted by the fine engraving of classic era stamps, others to the culture and history that the stamps represent, and yet, sadly, others see them as nothing more than a vehicle for investment.

My initial reason for creating this website was as a home for AlbumEasy the free stamp album page creation software, however, I am hoping in the future to add items on specific stamp related topics that I find of interest and hopefully will be of interest to other collectors too.